Dear Families,

As you may know we have been working with Schoola to raise much needed funds for our school through clothing drives. We are excited to let you know we will be participating in their Closet Cleanout Campaign launching January 5th to help raise even more for our school. We hope you will be a part of it!

Here’s our challenge to you! The idea is pretty simple:

Step 1: Go online to Schoola and request a donation bag:

Step 2: Fill it, and send it in for the benefit of our school. Schoola is now accepting women’s as well as children’s clothing, so use this as an opportunity to clean out your closets and start the new year off fresh!

Step 3: Challenge at least 3 friends or family members to do the same by posting on Facebook or Twitter using the hashtag #PasstheBag and tag @schoola. Here’s some sample text to make it even easier:

I just requested a donation bag from @Schoola to support my school and now I’m going to #PasstheBag and challenge X, Y and Z! It’s time to clean out your closet and give back—$2 of every $5 spent on Schoola is donated to schools.
Let’s do this—request your bag here:

I requested a bag from @Schoola & now I’ll #PasstheBag and challenge X, Y and Z! Donate clothes and give back to schools.
Get your bag here!

And if you have pictures to share of you/your family filling a bag or a pile of clothes to donate we’d love to see them so be sure to include them in your post!

Step 4: Pat yourself on the back; not only did you request a bag to donate on behalf of your school, but by challenging others you also helped spread the word about the only online marketplace that supports art, music, and P.E. in schools!

Once donated items start to sell on, you can track the total amount raised on our school’s fundraising page
Pretty cool right?

The more people that donate, the more our school can raise so please share with everyone you know!