PTA Committees




The Sustainability & Wellness Committee strives to promote sustainability initiatives and activities that contribute to the nutritional, physical and environmental health of our students. This committee works towards improving dialogue among parents, staff, and students to provide opportunities to move the body, learn in wholistic ways, and increase awareness of the connection between nutrition, health, and a student’s ability to learn effectively.

Main tasks include:
A desire to promote sustainability in the school
An interest in wholistic approaches to learning
The desire to integrate nutrition and environmental awareness into everyday life

The Greening Committee has been created to maintain and expand green space inside and outside of the school. It will also work to support green education initiatives in the classrooms, gardens, and community.
Main tasks include:
Maintaining the gardens
Running the Pre-K Garden class in conjunction with the teachers and administration
Supporting green initiatives in the classrooms and community

The Library Committee is wholly responsible for running, staffing, and maintaining the school library.

Main tasks include:
Volunteering on a monthly basis for 3 hours during the school day
Helping students find and check out books
Shelving books
Keeping the library organized and inviting
If interested please sign up or email us at


The Tour Committee is responsible for planning and conducting tours for prospective parents, with support and input from the school administration and Parent Coordinator. This committee also responds to inquiries from prospective parents and introduces PS 110 to the community through participation in local school fairs.

Main tasks include:
Volunteering during the school day from November to April
Interacting with perspective parents
Promoting PS 110 and the community
If interested please contact Hannah Cinelli

The Film Committee organizes film screenings in support of the educational goals and multi-ethnic community of PS 110.

Main tasks include:
Supporting the committee head in organizing screenings
Volunteering at weekend screening events
Helping to find sponsors for films
Promoting screenings

If interested please contact Nathalie Charles at sign up or email us at


The Advocacy Committee partners with the PTA Executive Board, and the school administration to support educational initiatives, attend community meetings, and create events for the PS 110 community. It works to engage the community in local and state educational issues, including racial, gender, economic equity issues. The committee will communicate with city and state officials to advocate for strong public schools.

Main tasks include:
The ability to attend local community meetings is a plus (but not required)
The ability to communicate in a compassionate manner with a multi-ethnic community
The desire to advocate for the PS 110 community

The Grants Committee, in conjunction with various committees and the school’s administration, works to identify the school’s needs, research relevant grants, and apply for funding to fulfill those needs. This committee also assists the administration in seeking out opportunities made available via the local politicians and businesses.

Main tasks include:
Researching funding opportunities
Writing and editing grants
Coordinating with PTA executive board, committee heads, and the administration

The Merchandising Committee helps to design, source, and produces products to promote and support the school.

Main tasks include:
Setting up and maintaining merch spaces
Creating merch designs
Sourcing suppliers for varied merchandise
Tracking and updating merchandise
Selling and promoting merchandise in the school during events

The Marketing and Outreach and Website Committees ensure that the message of the PTA and administration reach the broadest audience. These committees work in concert to market the school, PTA events, and PS 110 community initiatives.

Main tasks include:
Optimize the schools’ social media presence
Help create a monthly newsletter to promote PTA committees and activities
Write press releases
Work with the art committee to design marketing materials for the school
Help revamp the school’s website

Events Committees plan fundraisers in order to pay for the school’s art teacher; music, dance, and drama residencies; as well as many other necessities. These events are vital to the projects the PTA funds and are only possible with the support of parent volunteers.

Main tasks include:
Producing and designing the event as a committee member or chair
Sourcing donations from local businesses
Supplying baked goods
Volunteering the day of the event


To join a committee or learn more about the committees’ goals or activities, email the PTA at


All PTA’s must adhere to the Chancellor’s regulations A-660