PS110 PTA Presents : Minuscule, Valley of the Lost Ants

PS110 PTA Presents : Minuscule, Valley of the Lost Ants, Monday June 10th, 8:30pm to 10:30pm EDT




MINUSCULE, VALLEY OF THE LOST ANTS (Minuscule – La vallée des fourmis perdues)
Directed by Hélène Giraud and Thomas Szabo, 2013, 1h29, France-Belgium
Recommended for all ages.

When: Monday June 10th, 8:30pm to 10:30pm
Where: McGolrick Park

Presented in partnership with the North Brooklyn Parks AllianceCouncil Member Stephen Levin the Cultural Services of the French Embassy PS110 The Monitor School, and PS110 PTA.

In a peaceful little valley, the remains of an abandoned picnic sparks warfare between two tribes of rival ants. At stake, a box of sugar. So when a bold young ladybug finds herself caught in the middle of the battle, she befriends one the black ants, Mandible, whom together must protect the anthill from the encroaching red ant warriors, led by the fearful Butor.


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