Kindergarten Supply List 2018/19

Dear Parents & Guardians,

An early welcome to Kindergarten! As we wrap up the school year, we would like to provide you with the following information: In order to best prepare your child for Kindergarten, it is suggested that you continue to practice letter recognition and sounds with your child, as well as practice writing the letters throughout the summer (both upper and lowercase). This will allow for a smooth transition into Kindergarten, where the demands and expectations are quite high. The collaboration between home and at school is very important and will greatly help to ensure the success of your child. We are looking forward to an exciting new school year.

In addition, a supply list is being provided should you want to get a head start on school supplies. Folders & notebooks should be labeled with student’s name, all other supplies we be communally shared. Please make sure that you get a backpack that is large enough to fit a standard size folder. Your child will be coming home with lots of work next year and we want to make sure it doesn’t get ruined!

In order to avoid an overload of supplies on the first day of school, you will notice that the supply list requests some things to be brought on the first day, and other things to be brought in at your leisure by the end of September. We do recommend bringing things in when you are dropping off your child so they can be left in the classroom. Please be sure to label all of your child’s things, especially sweaters, lunch containers and water bottles!

Thank you for your cooperation. Have a great summer. See you in September!

The Kindergarten Team

Kindergarten Supply List

School Supplies needed 1st day of school:
A backpack large enough to fit standard sized books and folders
4 K-2 Primary composition notebooks (with picture box)
Please label with your child’s name
1 Marble notebooks (wide-ruled. Please be sure pages are not thin, as they tear easily) Please label with your child’s name
3 “sturdy” pocket folders (solid colors: 1 RED, 1 YELLOW, 1 BLUE) Please label with your child’s name.
1 large package of pencils (sharpened)
2 packages of Crayola crayons (24 count)
1 package of DRY-ERASE markers (expo preferred)
8-12 glue sticks
1 package of baby wipes
1 box of tissues
One set of water color paint- 16 colors
A change of clothes for your child (please send in Ziploc bag, clearly labeled with your child’s name)

Supplies needed by the end of September:
1 package of Crayola thick makers
1 package of Crayola colored pencils
1 roll of paper towels
1 ream of plain white printer paper (Girls only)
1 ream of yellow printer paper (Boys only)
1 plastic table cloth (Girls only)
2-4 large pink erasers (Boys only)
Velcro shoes if your child is unable to tie laces VERY IMPORTANT!

We are an eco-school. Please consider shopping locally.
Please note many of these supplies will not last throughout the school year. Should any materials need to be replaced; a notice will be sent home.

Thank you for your contributions to our class. All your efforts are appreciated.