Pre- K Supply List 2018/19

September 2018
Dear Parents and Guardians,
Welcome to Pre-Kindergarten! We are looking forward to working with you and your child this school year. We are excited about the many wonderful learning activities we will be doing in class. Along with your help, we know we will have a successful school year. We are asking that you provide the following list of supplies. Please keep in mind that we are a GREEN school, therefore, all cleaning supplies must be “green” in nature. Some examples of brands are provided below; if there are any questions, please let us know.
– 2 packages of baby wipes
– 1 box of tissues
– 2 rolls of paper towels
– 2 liquid hand soap bottles (Dr. Bronner’s, Mrs. Meyers)
– 1 small blanket (for rest time)
– 1 change of clothing (please include socks and underwear in a plastic bag labeled w/child’s name)
– 1 Elmer’s glue
– 6 Glue sticks
– 3 containers of ecologically sound cleaning wipes
– 1 package of white copy paper
– Ziploc plastic bags (1 box each size: quart, gallon and XL) -1 box of small compostable garbage bags (for food scrap recycling)
-1 ecologically sound spray cleaner (ex. Method, Mrs. Meyers, Better Life)
-2 durable 2 pocket solid color folders
-1 hard-cover marble notebook

*PLEASE NOTE: In order to save storage space, we will split the dates for bringing in all supplies. If your child’s last name begins with letter A through L, please have your supplies in by the first week of school. If your child’s last name begins with the letter M through Z, please have supplies in the first week of January. We will send you a reminder close to the day.