PTA Minutes

OCTOBER 4th 2017



In Attendance:

Mrs Cano Amato, Principle

Mrs Raciunas, Assistant Principal

Amy Chalkley, Parent Coordinator

Tiffany, President

Annie, Co-Treasurer

Emily, Co-Treasurer

Shelly, Secretary

42 Parents







Hi everyone, Mrs Cano will be here soon, I will start in the meantime.

Before we get started, I wanted to welcome Ms Fitzgerald. She is a kindergarten teacher here at PS110 and the T in our PTA. She will be the liaison for us with all the teachers this year.



Good morning everyone. Just a few things for you this morning.


If you are a parent from preK through 2nd grade and want to get testing for G&T, you must register with the online form. Testing happens in january. Testing happens on the weekend elsewhere and we test here at the school as well.

I just want to make it clear that you can not prepare your child for the test. It is about testing your child’s natural and innate abilities.

We have one school in the district which has 32 students per class. There are several other schools throughout the city. If your child scores higher they can be eligible for the city wide program.


We will begin breakfast in the classroom starting in November. We will talk more about this as it happens. Downstairs they are trying to fit fridges in a room that won’t fit. Right now we serve breakfast at 7:40 in the cafeteria. That will stay in place and we will add breakfast at 8:10 within the classroom. Central thinks that we can do this in 10 minutes. We think that it’s impossible to feed 25 kids in 10 minutes. Also as an eco school it really increases our waste management.

We were a pilot school for kindergarten in the past and feeding 100 kids is very hard.



The year is off to a great start. I know a lot of you are anxious about things. Your children are resilient and will adjust. Sometimes the anxiousness is from us and we are unconsciously projecting that onto our kids. If your kids have a bad day, listen with compassion but assure them that it will be ok. There are big leaps into pre-k and then pre k to k , k to 1st , and 1st to 2nd. Trust in us that we have it under control. We have conversations constantly. Lets all take a deep breath and know that everything will be ok. If you have any concerns please speak to your child’s teacher first and/or Amy Chalkley. We are here to help. Does anyone have any questions?


Tonight is our family night. Leap will be here tonight to host an activity for the kids.


We have received a grant from the Walentas foundation for $17,500. It will go towards the arts. This will free up some money within the pta that they can spend elsewhere.




I just want to go over the goals of the PTA. We are a non profit that helps support the school. We are also a voice for parents. There are some areas that we won’t touch. If your child has an i.e.p. , for example, we direct you to the people who can help.

We focus a lot of our time on fundraising to pay for the arts and the enrichment programs . We fund latin dance, musical theatre, drumming, ballroom dancing, theatre, amongst other things.   We also pay 100% of the salary of our art teacher. Last year, we were paying Ms Taylor two days a week. Since she retired, we’ve had to hire a three day a week teacher and that is pretty much taking up the whole $17,500 of the grant from the Walentas foundation.

We are trying to hire a teacher’s aide this year. Because we are not a title 1 school and we won’t get it back again, that ship has pretty much sailed because our demographic is changing. We are the only school in district 14 that isn’t a title 1 school. Other schools receive $400K being a title 1 school so they have a lot more resources. If we hire a teacher’s aide we have to know that we can keep that person on for several years. It has to be within our budget.

PARENT QUESTION: Why can’t the aide come from the DOE budget?

Ms Cano: It’s not that it can’t but we don’t have the budget for it.

PARENT QUESTION: Is there a role for the advocacy committee to get funding from the DOE?

Ms Cano: Last year we budgeted 526 children for this current year. The DOE reevaluates our number of bodies on October 31st. If we are under they remove money. If we are over than we get more money. Most of this goes to pay teachers. We get about $8,000 per student. According to the DOE that’s what it takes to educate a general ed student. The pre k budget is separate from the rest of the school. Ms Raciunas makes sure that all of our goals are met.

When we went to the budget meeting, they wanted us to collapse classes and increase the number of children in the school. We felt that it was important to keep the classroom sizes small for our kids. When we were still a title 1 school we had paras and teachers aides. The loss of title 1 funding has hit this building hard.

I do two lunch duties a day so that we can keep class sizes small.



Leader in me program – based on Franklin Covey’s whole school program and empowering students. We’ll go over it next month. I feel that it something that we can use at home. there are many helpful tips. I know that I use it at home with my son. If anyone is curious you can look it up online or there are books about it here in the library.

Ms Cano: Lots of schools in the district are ‘’Leader in me’’ schools but only one ‘’Lighthouse’’ school. There are just 300 lighthouse schools in the world. We, along with 25 schools in the district, decided to be ‘’Leader in me’’ schools. When our first wave of ‘’Leader in me’’ kids left 5th grade, they got to middle school and asked it they were ‘’Leader in me’’. The principal had no idea what the kids were talking about and so she called me. Now they are ‘’Leader in me’’ as well.


Family night is a really great opportunity to come into to the school. It’s a free dinner, actually a pot luck. You can bring something from home if you have time to cook or just pick something up on the way over. It’s also a great time to meet other parents and staff. As Ms Cano mentioned there will also be Leap with us tonight hosting a craft.


Picture day, Gretchen do you want to say something?

Gretchen: If you haven’t heard from me and you signed up, I will probably need you for retake day. Please send your kids to school in something that they feel comfortable in. You don’t need to send in money. You can look at the proofs online and then order photos directly there. Volunteers can come up to the auditorium on Thursday.

Thanks Gretchen. There are so many volunteers, this is great. There will be retakes on November 10th.


Fall Carnival is happening soon. I was in an awesome meeting yesterday that reminded me of why i do this. I have to give a shout out to Michel who has been hitting the pavement for the raffle. We got a donation of 1000 Facebook backpacks. The committee is awesome. It’s going to be the best fall carnival. We still need of volunteers for the day of. We need people for the haunted house, the bakes sale, merch, we need people to help with set up on friday and early Saturday as well. Please sign up here after the meeting.


For the multicultural holiday fair, we still don’t have a chair for this committee. The chairs from last year’s committee are here and can help. It’s a great event. Please speak to me afterward if you are interested.


Fundraising committee needs a co-chair. Her business is booming and she needs a hand. It’s not that difficult, we are raising funds but we need someone with fresh ideas. Roselyn, a parent from kindergarten had an awesome idea that we’re going to look into.


In terms of opportunities for involvement, you can fill out the forms up here.
















I just wanted to piggyback onto what Ms Cano said. The school’s budget is tight and acknowledging the potential of the PTA. If all parents give what they can, then we can add on to the school. The only reason that we are considering hiring the teacher’s aide is because we were seeing an increase in giving, year over year, and we felt that the PTA could continue to fund this position.


2017-2018 PS110K Proposed PTA Budget
Proposed Budget FY 18 (2017 – 2018) Comments
Financial Contributions
Direct Giving/PTA dues $35,000 Donations made via NYCharities incl. recurring monthly donations, Optional dues
Company Matching $5,000 Donations matched by companies
Grant money $17,500 $17,500 from Walentas Foundation to cover large portion of Young Audience NY
Fall Fest/School Anniversary $6,000 October; revenue generated by ticket & raffle sales
Holiday Craft Fair $4,000 December; revenue generated by ticket sales and raffle
FUNraiser $35,000 March; revenue generated by ticket sales & online auction
Night of the Arts $1,500 June; revenue generated by ticket sales
SpringFest/Walkathon $4,000 June; revenue generated by ticket sales & sponsoring walk
Parent’s Night Out $250 Meet and Greet for New parents – local venue
Whoooo’s Fundraiser $0 Need a volunteer to chair this effort
School Pictures $2,000 15% of sales to PTA
WORD Book Sale $8,000 Spring; % of sales to PTA
Box Tops $400 Ongoing; Coupons program; .10 cents per coupon = $ to PTA
Schoola $1,000 Ongoing; donate clothing & % of sales goes to PTA
Amazon Smile $200 Ongoing; $0.5 of purchase price donated to PTA by Amazon at no cost to purchaser
Merchandise $10,000 Ongoing; I love PS110 sweatshirts, t-shirts, tote bags, water bottles etc.
Tax Preparation $1,000 CPA fee for IRS990 prep & filing and quarterly sales tax
NY Sales Tax $100 Sales tax on merchandise (non-clothing)
Insurance $850 General liability policy
Website $1,200 Cost of class portals
Office Supplies $500 General PTA office supplies
Fees $450 Bank fees; Paypal; NYCharities (3% of direct giving)
Teacher/Staff Appreciation $800 Teacher appreciation breakfast; Holiday gifts for teachers & staff
Volunteer Appreciation Breakfast $400 Volunteer appreciation breakfast
Classroom Enrichment Materials $4,500 $100 per teacher for classroom enrichment supplies (est. 45 teachers)
Outdoor Classroom/Sustainability Projects $1,000 Outdoor classroom/ garden
School Equipment $3,000 Covers unanticipated school expenses eg. Phone repair
Fee Assistance $1,000 Financial assistance for low-income children: for field trips; 5th grade trip, caps & gowns etc..
Hospitality $800 Hospitality for meetings (e.g. hosting Council and Assembly members, School Chancellor etc.)
“Healthy” school lunch expenses $200 Healthy oils for lunchroom and other such expenses
Marketing $1,000 Promo materials; posters; flyers
Merchandise $7,000 Inventory expense for PS110 merchandise (t-shirts, sweatshirts, totes etc.)
Grant Expense $0 TBD
Parent’s Night Out $300 Supplies
Coffee, Tea and Tears $165 Supplies
Fall Fest $800 Supplies
Holiday Craft Fair $500 Supplies
FUNraiser $5,500 Cost of online auction site; credit card fees; supplies
Night of the Arts $0 TBD; Cost of credit card payment system
SpringFest/Walkathon $500 Supplies
Family Night $500 PTA family nights; every first Wednesday of the month; water & other supplies
WORD Book Sale $6,500 Cost of books
Art & Other Residencies
Young Audiences of NY $21,840 Grades: K-3 (South American folkloric dance, drumming musical theather); $2200 per class @ 11 classes (add’l 2nd grade)
Dancing Classrooms NYC $4,600 Grade 4 (Ballroom Dancing); $2200 per class @ 3 classes (add’l 4th grade)
Theater for a New Audience $5,500 Grade 5 (Shakespeare)
Art Teacher $36,619 Grades: pre-k through 5. Cluster teacher Ms. Taylor (Art); Two days per week
Mark Morris Dance $5,100 Grade: 1 (Dance/ Movement); total TBD/ negotiating with MMD & seeing what grant money may be available to help fund
Audubon Society $1,700 Grade 3. The Audodon For The Birds! Received $3400 to fund 2 out of 3 of our classes at 110
Support Staff $13,000 Teacher’s Aid
Contingency $5,000
Surplus/Deficit ($2,074)


The top part here is our revenues. Direct giving and company matching: if you work for a for-profit please contact your hr and see what programs they have in place for company matching. Anything in red has changed since the spring. Our FUNraiser is our biggest event. Some of these aren’t huge, they are more community building events. Here is our total revenue projected.

We do have a 60K balance in our bank account. We try and keep our expenses within our revenu of that year so that we continue to keep the reserve.

For expenses, here below, we did add classroom enrichment last year. A small gift to help buy supplies for each class and we are hoping that we can do that again this year. Marketing if anyone can offer that as a donation we are always looking for free things. FUNraisir, the expense was for the online auction that we started last year. Audobon a special grant within the Audobon that offsets 2/3 of the cost. Our expenses pretty much offset each other and we do have a nice reserve in the bank.

PARENT QUESTION: In the past a teacher ran the marathon and raised money. Can we do something similar? Asking your colleagues and/or clients even.

AMY: that was with Exxon Mobile and we needed to raise 10K and we ended up 12K and so they matched it and they dictated what we had to do with their money. It was for school supplies and we did what we wanted with our portion of the money. When Mme Sutton ran, it was through Play Works.

Tiff: We have a parent running, Sarah.


PARENT QUESTION: You raise these funds and allocate throughout the year?

EMILIE: Yes, we made this budget last spring based on previous years.

TIFFANY: We have a separate budget committee that forms and that plans for the following year.


PARENT QUESTION: Who decides how these funds get allocated?

TIFFANY: The PTA and the budget committee. If funds are getting allocated differently than we discuss it and vote on any changes.


When we initially presented the budget we had a $20k deficit and the Walentas grant has almost completely offset that deficit. If we do have a deficit three years in a row then we will use up all our reserves.

We have an awesome fundraising committee and we are open to any new ideas and we will run with it.


TIFFANY: We do have special presenters today. Jenny and ROsanne will be here to talk about planning for kids college accounts. But first, Hannah from the Green Wellness committee.



We have been observing the kids at the cafeteria. We are on year three of the alternative menu and we are discussing the possibility of returning to the regular menu. This is all still in discussion and a survey will go out to all homes to see what your kids like, if they even eat the school lunch, how many days a week they eat it.

The alternative menu offers a healthier more vegetable focused menu with more scratch-cooked foods. Some of the downsides to this menu have been a reduced number of kids eating school lunch and also not everything being eaten on the tray.

The regular menu appeals more to kids but isn’t as nutritious.

The Wellness committee is exploring the possibility of the finding grants to bring a chef into the school to make the school food more palatable.



We could use some lunchroom volunteers but we need parents who can commit. We are looking for the first period lunch help from 10:55 to 11:45. We have one dad who comes 3 days a week. That’s a really big commitment. Kids chatter, it’s loud and it can be pretty hectic.

Also regarding lunch, lunch forms. They went home twice and it’s gone up on Facebook and the portal. When you fill them out, it won’t give us title 1 funding but we need it for our compliance. Everyone needs to fills them out. If you haven’t done so, please do it.

PARENT QUESTION: Can we use the parent classroom email list?

We have the portal that we will be using. It takes some time to set up. We need to enter all the parents emails via the teachers. I have started on Monday to send emails on the portal. I use the portal as an administrator and send to entire school and the teachers can use the portal to send things to just their classrooms.

PARENT QUESTION: If we don’t fill it out the form do you not get money for the school?

We are asking you to fill it out for our compliance.

PARENT QUESTION: Does this have to do with title1

Yes, we don’t get title 1 anymore but yes this is how they allot it. I also want to say that when we lost title 1 we also lost the possibility of applying for many grants that are only for title 1 schools.

PARENT QUESTION: If we send our child in with lunch but we have filled the form, do you account for them as a school lunch?

No, if you send your kids in with home lunch that is what they will eat.



Just before we move on to our special guest speakers, we need to vote on the September meeting minutes. We attained our objective of having the minutes up in the week following the meeting. We have some printed copies going around right now. All in favor of approving the minutes. Great.

So Roseanna Guardavaccaro and Jeannie Jackson are here today to talk to us about saving for college for our kids.