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January 2018

Happy New Year!  My staff and I wish you all much good health and happiness in 2018!  The wonderful thing about a new year is that it is filled with endless possibilities and opportunities to pursue our dreams and goals.

The new year certainly announced its arrival in all its glory – blustery winds, extremely cold temperatures and SNOW! How I loved the snow as a child! It held such promise for fun. Nowadays, I want to stay warm, drink hot chocolate, and read a good book!

In order to ensure your children’s academic success it is important that they attend school every day and arrive on time. As we continue our work with the seven habits, our children need to begin with the end in mind.  What are their goals for each school day?  If they put first things first they will realize their goals through determination, persistence and hard work. We will certainly plan to sharpen our saw during recess.  As stated in the Principals’ Weekly,

“Children benefit from vigorous exercise and should be given the opportunity to play outside whenever possible. Unless it is snowing, there is ice on the playground, or the wind chill factor creates an effective temperature below zero degrees Fahrenheit (-18 degrees Celsius), temperature alone should not be a barrier to outdoor play.”

We hope to go outside as often as possible so please ensure that your child is dressed appropriately, with warm clothing of multiple layers and coverings for hands and heads. Also, please label all your children’s belongings. Our lost and found table grows by leaps and bounds daily.

Once at home, they should complete their homework assignments thoughtfully and then sharpen their saw once again.  They can re-energize by engaging in meaningful conversations, reading and sharing a good book and getting a good night’s sleep.

Finally, as a child I loved reading the biography of Helen Keller.  I found her story inspiring and to this day am amazed at the strength that both she and her teacher, Annie Sullivan, possessed as they helped each grow to be the best they could be.

I would like to share this particular quote by Helen Keller:

Your success and happiness lies in you. Resolve to keep happy, and your joy and you shall form an invincible host against difficulties.

As we begin 2018 let us all strive to stay happy and appreciate the joyful moments in our lives as they will strengthen us to face moments of hardship.

Let’s all synergize and collaboratively help our children be the very best they can be in 2018!

Anna Cano Amato



December 2017

The month of November escaped me!  My apologies for not sending a November newsletter. That being said, I hope that everyone enjoyed a wonderful Thanksgiving surrounded by the warmth of family, friends and delicious food.  I certainly ate too much, but savored every morsel!

This year, we once again collected food items for those less fortunate than ourselves. Our Student Council and Student Lighthouse synergized and organized the food drive and handled their responsibilities very enthusiastically.  1,426 items were collected. The items were distributed to those in need here in our community with the help from Quinnipiac University’s basketball team. Travis Atson, an alumnus of PS 110, and his teammates helped us with our efforts. We certainly brightened the lives of those in our neighborhood who often go hungry thanks to the efforts of all our children.

December has now arrived and with it comes thoughts of winter and the holidays:  decorating, shopping, wrapping, mailing cards, more shopping, traveling, and, of course, baking and eating.

For our families who celebrate Hanukkah, I wish you a Happy Hanukkah! Hanukkah begins at sundown on Saturday, December 13th and commemorates the re-dedication of the holy Temple in Jerusalem following the Jewish victory over the Syrian-Greeks in 165 BC. The lighting of the menorah reminds us that the one day supply of oil that was discovered to purify the temple miraculously lasted for the full eight days needed. Enjoy the Festival of Lights!

To celebrate the wonderful diversity of our school community, we will once again have our Multicultural Holiday Festival on Saturday, December 9th. The festival will begin at 2:00PM and end at 5:00PM. The Festival Committee is planning our sixth annual fair complete with games, crafts, folktales, choral singing, photos, baked goods and homemade cultural dishes.  There will even be a visit from Santa Claus himself! The Committee is in desperate need of volunteers in order for the event to be truly successful.
Please remember that all monies raised go directly to fund arts residencies, materials, supplies, etc. I want to thank the Festival Committee for all their hard work in planning what promises to be a fun-filled holiday afternoon. Let’s make the Multicultural Holiday Festival a huge success!

In the spirit of holiday giving, PS 110 will again take part in the Greenpoint Lions Toy Drive.  There are many children who are not as fortunate as our children are and face the possibility of little to no gifts.  We can all help.  Please bring your unwrapped toy donations and drop them off in the boxes that will be made available. Let’s put a smile on all children’s faces!

In addition, the Student Council and the Student Lighthouse Team are having a bake sale on December 13th and 14th to raise funds to purchase needed winter items for use at the Park Church Co-op, which provides shelter for those who need a warm place to sleep. Let’s support this effort as well.

I wish you and your families the most joyous of holiday seasons.  May the New Year be filled with health and prosperity for all of us!

We return to school on Tuesday, January 2, 2018.  Enjoy the winter recess surrounded by those you love.

Anna Cano-Amato

Principal at PS110


October 2017

It is hard to believe that September is gone. We have met our new teachers, met our new classmates, and understand the expectations for success as was explained during Curriculum Night on September 13th. We are ready to work hard and The Leader in Me will help us do just that as we continue to study the 7 Habits and make them our own.  We will also begin to create our Leadership notebooks and these will help us to achieve our goals as well.

With October comes crisp autumn days, rustling leaves as they scatter to the ground, the changing of those leaves into glorious reds, yellows, and oranges and, of course, Halloween.  We will once again have our annual Halloween parade around McGolrick Park on the morning of October 31st. Parents and family members are invited to join us. We are sure to see princesses, superheroes, witches, and perhaps scarier creatures in the upper grades. More information with regards to the parade will be sent home and posted on our website and Facebook page.

On Wednesday, October 4th we will hold our first Family Night.  It is a wonderful way to meet other PS 110 families and enjoy an evening together. We will gather at 6:00PM in the lunchroom where we will take part in a potluck supper shared with our school community. We will be joined by LEAP, Learning through an Expanded Arts Program. This organization will be working with our first graders this year integrating the arts and literacy.  We welcome LEAP to PS 110.

Thursday, October 5th is Picture Day. Bring your smiles!  Thank you to all the volunteers who will be helping that day so all runs smoothly.

On Saturday afternoon, October 21st please join us for our PTA sponsored Fall Fest. It will certainly be a fun-filled event!  I even hear that there will once again be a haunted house, which was a huge hit last year! SAVE THE DATE!!

Please continue to check our website – for information as well as our Facebook page.  They clearly exemplify that PS 110 is “Growing Hearts and Minds”

every day.  Also, check your child/ren’s orange communication folder daily.  It is an  additional and essential source of information.

Please practice Habit 1 of The Leader in Me — Be Proactive. Please make sure your child is in school every day on time! Don’t forget school starts at 8:10.

Habit 7 of The Leader in Me reminds us to “Sharpen the Saw” and take time for ourselves to re-energize.  So, enjoy an autumn walk in the park with family and reflect on the beauty of the season and the blessings in your life!

Anna Cano-Amato

Principal at PS110


September 2017

Welcome back to PS 110 and to the 2017 – 2018 school year.  For those students and families new to PS 110 welcome to our school community where our staff and Ms. Raciunas and I are committed to “Growing Hearts and Minds of Leaders.”

I hope you enjoyed a summer filled with opportunities to relax, re-energize and re-connect with family and friends whether it was at home in your backyard, a vacation spot that you always visit, or a new locale filled with amazing sights and sounds. For me, it was time at the water, especially the ocean.

It is now time to think of the new school year! As a child, I was always excited about a new school year – buying new school supplies, new clothes, making sure my book reports were done, and seeing old friends and making new ones.  More importantly, though, a new school year always held the possibilities of new hopes, dreams and challenges. The same holds true for today. Also, each day presents our students with countless moments for personal growth as they discover their leadership abilities. We are committed to empower your children to seize these moments.

As always, we will continue to offer rigorous and enriching educational opportunities, both in terms of academics and the arts. We will continue with the literacy program, entitled Ready Gen by Pearson Learning, and the math program, entitled GoMath by Houghton Mifflin. More information on these curricula will be presented at the first PTA meeting of the year on Wednesday, September 13th at 8:30AM, as well as during Curriculum Night, which is scheduled for September 13th as well from 5:00 to 8:00PM.  More information on Curriculum Night will soon be sent home.

I want to inform you that both the ELA and Math State Assessment scores for Spring 2017 are now available. I am very pleased to announce that 58% of our students who took the ELA State Assessment achieved levels 3/4, an increase of 13% from the previous year, and 53% of our students who took the Math State Assessment achieved levels 3/4, an increase of 10% from the previous year.

Also, this year we will begin year 6 of The Leader in Me, the whole-school transformation model of nurturing leadership potential based on The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen Covey. This model will “equip students with the self-confidence and skills they need to thrive in the 21st century.” This year all our students will continue with their Leadership Notebooks where they will develop their academic and personal goals and track their progress as they work towards these goals. Having attained “Lighthouse” status in the spring, we are now internationally recognized for our efforts in developing the leadership potential of our school community.

 This year we are striving for an attendance rate of 95.5% by the end of the school year. In order for us to achieve this goal, I want to take this opportunity to remind you of the importance of attendance and punctuality.  It is only when your child is in school every day on time that we can continually help him/her to strive to do reach his/her potential.  As a reminder, school begins each day at 8:10 and ends at 2:30, with breakfast being served beginning at 7:40.  In order to better serve the needs of our students after-school, we will continue to partner with various organizations, some of which are tuition-based programs. Check our Facebook page, our website at  and your child’s communication folder for more information. Please make certain your child has a good night’s sleep, a nutritious breakfast, and is here every day. If your child is going to be absent please call the school in the morning to inform us and send in an absence note when he/she returns to school. AGAIN, ATTENDANCE AND PUNCTUALITY ARE CRUCIAL TO SCHOOL SUCCESS!

Please know that we are here for you and your child/ren.  Ms. Chalkley, our Parent Coordinator, is an excellent liaison.  Also know that Ms. Raciunas and I, as well as the staff, is always available.  In partnership, your child/ren will have a successful and happy school year.

Let’s make it a great 2017 – 2018 school year!

Anna Cano-Amato

Principal at PS110


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