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2015 Proposal Recap: – PS110/Aqualab was to be an Aquarium, Science Lab and Learning Lounge where 1500 kids of grades K-5 can safely fall in love – with Greenpoint and its waterways! Observation, exploration, field studies, service learning, family fun, community environmental actions and stewardship. The AquaLab facility and programs were to be accessible to classes visiting from PS31 + PS34 and offer community events open to all.

AquaLab’s Legacy: – We are excited and hopeful that many of AquaLab’s objectives will now be implemented at PS110 by the newly funded Greenpoint Eco-Schools Program. Another important proposal element – SmartBoard technology, won its recent approval through District 33’s Participatory Budgeting process. PS110 now expects this long-desired school-wide technology upgrade to be put in place by 2016/17.

Project Summary:
P.S.110, in partnership with Newtown Creek Alliance, NYU’s Wallerstein Collaborative and their graduate program in Environmental Conservation Education (ECE) proposes AquaLab, a learning center serving over 1,500 K-5 students in Greenpoint. AquaLab recognizes localized science education and environmental action as two sustaining forces behind an environmentally sound Greenpoint. AquaLab’s full program proposal consists of an aquarium, a science lab, a resource lounge – and a curriculum designed to engage K-5 students and their families at the community level. NCA’s site-specific support, education and community outreach provide the link between Newtown Creek’s ecosystems and AquaLab’s environmental education objectives. Supported activities include center based activities such as the study of aquatic species, water quality, salinity testing and resource lounge sessions. NCA will provide safe access to watershed infrastructure and bioremediation sites through age-appropriate field trips. NYU’s Wallerstein Collaborative is our experienced consultant in curricular development. Teacher training, highly actionable center sessions, site visits and service learning projects will be developed and jointly facilitated by AquaLab’s dedicated ECE graduate program interns, management, teaching partners and volunteers. With educational packages and PS110/AquaLab facility visits extended to P.S.31 and P.S.34 – AquaLab will be a truly community-wide resource for environmental education and action.
Participatory Budgeting – District 33


Parents Vote – PS110 Students Win!
SmartBoards are coming in 2016!

AquaLab Archive:
Saturday November 01 – The Greenpoint Gazette Features AquaLab
We commend the Greenpoint Gazette’s effort to inform our community on
our recent Community Nature Walk – and PS110/AquaLab’s program goals .

Saturday October 18 – Info and Crafting Table at PS110’s Fall Fest
Parents had an opportunity to learn more about our proposed program –
All had a great time crafting Litterbugs from shore-recovered Styrofoam.
The resulting sculptures are currently on display at the School’s Library!

Wednesday November 05 – GCEF Decision Released: Sorry Folks…!
AquaLab did NOT make it for 2015 funding. We’ll update and re-apply
to next year’s GCEF 2015 round of proposals and are also looking
toward the 2015 Participatory Budgeting Process and other funding!

Tuesday October 28 – Community Nature Walk to Lentol Garden
PS110 4th grade students – guided by  the NYU Wallerstein Collective’s
Director Mary Leou, ECE partners and NCA Program Manager Willis Elkins.
Students learned about native plants and trees, then had a planting party!

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